3 Online Habits to Be Cyber Safe-

  3 Online Habits to Be Cyber Safe-

1)    Maintain a good and restricted quantity of personal data

Your personal life or residential address is not required information for potential employers or consumers people have to be aware of your credentials & work experience, as well as how to contact you. You wouldn’t give out solely personal information to a stranger’s one-on-one, so why would you give it out to millions of citizens online?

2)    Enable two-factor identity management

Two-step confirmation, also known as setup, two-factor confirmation, or registration authorization, is a type of authentication that requires two steps. Adds an extra layer of protection above your login details to defend against account hijacking. When you use this security feature, you will log in with your passcode and then be required to confirm your identity again. The second verification is often accomplished by the use of biometrics (fingerprint or face-scanning), security keys, or a distinctive one-time code via an application on a mobile device. Check the security of your internet connection. Install anti-virus software and a router.

3)    Install anti-virus software and a router

Antivirus protection is the most widely used method of combating harmful threats. Viruses and other harmful viruses are prevented from accessing your device and corrupting your information by antivirus software. Use only anti-virus software from reputable suppliers, and keep just one utility running on your device.

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