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BMS Building Management System
BMS Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (pharmaceuticals and healthcare products)
BMS Brooklyn Music School (Brooklyn, NY)
BMS Bristol Motor Speedway
BMS Biomedical Sciences
BMS Battery Management System (rechargeable battery technology)
BMS Bayer MaterialScience
BMS Bare Metal Stent
BMS Broadcast Media Services (various locations)
BMS Building Maintenance Service (various locations)
BMS Bulletin of Materials Science (India)
BMS Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (Bangladeshi trade union)
BMS Background Music System (software)
BMS British Menopause Society
BMS Business Music System
BMS Broadcast Message Service
BMS Boil-Off Management System

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BMS Boot Memory Select
BMS Blue Magic Slot
BMS Basic Management System
BMS Bass Management System
BMS Business Management System
BMS Barrington Middle School (Barrington, RI)

BMS Blow My Shirt(Used for Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook)

BMS Basic Mapping Support
BMS Brentwood Middle School (Brentwood, TN)
BMS Business Management Software
BMS Bridge Management System
BMS Batch Management System
BMS Brown Medical School (Providence, RI)
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies
BMS Budget Management Services (various locations)
BMS British Mycological Society
BMS Burner Management System
BMS Biological and Molecular Sciences (UK)
BMS Baptist Missionary Society
BMS Battle Management System
BMS Be More Specific
BMS Battlefield Management System
BMS BMS Behentrimonium Methosulfate (hair detangler)
BMS Blue Mountain School (Orwigsburg, PA)
BMS Bone Marrow Suppression
BMS Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique (French: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology; journal)
BMS Brevet de Maitrise Supérieur (French professional certification)
BMS Black Male Summit (various organizations)
BMS Barclays Merchant Services (UK)

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BMS Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.
BMS Bureau of Medical Services
BMS Baltimore Medical System (Maryland)
BMS Baby-Making Sex (pregnancy/fertility)
BMS Base Management System
BMS Bureau of Mediation Services
BMS Belgian Mathematical Society
BMS Business Marketing Services
BMS Berry Middle School (Alabama)
BMS Broadcast Message Server
BMS British Microcirculation Society (est. 1963; UK)
BMS Boeing Material Specification
BMS Boiler Management System
BMS Business Message Standard
BMS Balanced Magnetic Switch
BMS Bernd-Michael Schroeder (BMS Sailing Wear GmbH)
BMS Bachelor of Medical Science
BMS Brigade Medical Station (Canadian Armed Forces)
BMS Broker Management System
BMS Bombardment Squadron
BMS Bianchi Motor Sport (France)
BMS Billing Management System
BMS Biblioteka Matice Srpske (Novi Sad, Srbija library)
BMS Business Management Society
BMS Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BMS Ballistic Missile Submarine
BMS By My Self
BMS Basic Mapping Services
BMS Berlekamp-Massey-Sakata (algorithm)
BMS Bryson Middle School (South Carolina)
BMS Bachelor of Marine Science
BMS Bowne Management Systems, Inc.
BMS Baudrand Machines Spécialisées (French specialized machine company)
BMS Business Mailer Support (USPS)
BMS Belzer Middle School (Indiana)
BMS Building Mechanical Services
BMS Béton Matériel Service (French: Concrete Equipment Service)
BMS Bright Mild Steel
BMS Bair Middle School (Florida)
BMS Breizh Micro Services (French computer repair company)
BMS Background Measurement Satellite
BMS Brooklawn Middle School (Parsippany, NJ)
BMS Bureau Multi Services (French office supply company)
BMS Bradley Middle School

BMS Blew my sh*t

BMS Brennan Middle School (Massachusetts)
BMS Biologie, Médecine, Santé (French: Biology, Medicine, Health)
BMS Basic Minimum Service
BMS Battalion Motor Sergeant
BMS Burnaby Multicultural Society (British Columbia, Canada)
BMS Broadcast Microwave System
BMS Bachelor of Mortuary Science
BMS Broadcast Message System
BMS Bachelor of Marketing Science
BMS Broadband Management Services
BMS British Medical Society
BMS Bandwidth Management Service
BMS Bay Media Services (Maryland)
BMS Battery Main Switch
BMS BIDDS Management Subsystem
BMS Bad Movie Syndrome
BMS Boutique de la Menuiserie et du Store (French carpentry shop)
BMS Bangladesh Mahila Samity
BMS Burners Management System
BMS BMS Bill Mail Service
BMS Bohumukhi Milon Shangha (Bangladesh)
BMS Brannon Masculinity Scale (behavioral science)
BMS British Mexican Society (London, England)
BMS Ballistic Missile Support

BMS Burden of Mood Symptoms
BMS Bailey’s Moving & Storage (Colorado and Utah)
BMS Balanced Measures System
BMS Bit Magnitude Stream
BMS Banyan Mail Services
BMS Harry Flood Byrd Middle School (Richmond, Virginia)
BMS Battalion Maintenance Supervisor
BMS Bureau of Muslim Settlements
BMS Bangladesh Mahila Society
BMS Burst Mode Synchronization (Symmetricom)
BMS Binary-Input Memoryless Symmetric Channel
BMS BMS Ballast Marine Services, LLC (est. 2015)
BMS Beef Marbling Scale
BMS BMS Boundary Multicultural Society (British Columbia, Canada)
BMS Breed Middle School (Lynn, MA)

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