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FLR – Floor

FLR – Flare

FLR – Florida Lambda Rail

FLR – Forward-Looking Radar

FLR – Forest Land Reserve

FLR – Flexiblelom Rack

FLR – Field Line Resonance

FLR – Fixed Length Record

FLR – Female Led Relationship

FLR – First Level Resolution

FLR – Flight Line Reference

FLR – Formal Lab Report

What is the Full Form of FLR in Airport Code?

FLR – Florence, Italy

FLR – Federal Law Reports (Australia)

FLR – Fat Loss Revealed (weight loss system)

FLR – Family Law Rules (court procedure)

FLR – Filter, Lubricator, Regulator (various companies)

FLR – Family Life Radio (Christian radio; Tucson, AZ)

FLR – Finger Lickin’ Records (UK)

FLR – Front des Lesbiennes Radicales (French: Radical Lesbian Front)

FLR – Finite Larmour Radius (plasma physics)

FLR – Force of Lower Readiness

FLR – Fairly Large Rock (astronomy)

FLR – Field Level Repair(able)

FLR – Food Labelling Regulation (UK)

Here we tried our best to write all the full forms of FLR.  If you have find anyone more then please share with us via comment section.  We will include that here.

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