FTW For the Win
FTW Forget the World
FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (Vienna, Austria)
FTW Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
FTW Frequency Tuning Word
FTW Fight to Win
FTW Fort Wainwright, Alaska
FTW Flying Training Wing
FTW Free Trade Wharf
FTW For the Wolf
FTW From The Wilderness (publication; Ashland, OR)
FTW Ford Truck World
FTW Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center (Amtrak station code; Fort Worth, TX)
FTW Full Throttle Workshop
FTW Face the World
FTW Finding the Way (various location)
FTW Florida Tax Watch
FTW Future Technology Workshop
FTW Families Than Work
FTW Full Throttle Workshop
FTW Forever Together Whenever (gaming clan )

FTW Forget the World (polite form)
FTW For the World
FTW Free to Watch
FTW Follow the Way
FTW For the Will
FTW For the Weak
FTW Feel The Wind
FTW Feed the World (Internet slang)
FTW For The Wii
FTW Fight to Win
FTW Feel the Wrath
FTW Fate of Two Worlds (video game)
FTW Fear the Wife
FTW Free the Whales
FTW Free the Weed
FTW Fare Thee Well
FTW For Those Wondering
FTW For the Worms
FTW Find the Waldo
FTW Forever Two Wheels
FTW Frank the Welder (mountain bikes)
FTW Forward Towards Wing (Hattrick; online game)
FTW Free The Wookies (humor)
FTW Forever Truly White
FTW Forward the Word (Internet slang)
FTW Free the Weak

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