The one full form you love most your mom | Mom Full Form | Maa Full Form | Mummy full form | Mother Full Form | Mamma Full form |

Mom – Full form

M – My mom 

O – Of

M – My heart

What is Meaning of (Mom) My mom Of My heart ?

Ans- No meaning of mom yes but one The one you love most.

Read these lines or Every Thing is waste for you:-
Do you know gys why i write ‘the one you love most’ because there is no name of are maa but maa is her name because a new born baby first word is maa then also we have given you a full form of mom for writing in card s but don’t copy my lines because lines for the one you love most is written from heart not copied and gys i have made the full form of mom is not copied gys if you like my full form then comment please
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Love you my mom
Love your your mom
Love our website but not in force Thankyou for reading
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