RIP Routing Information Protocol
RIP Research in Progress
RIP Recovery Is Possible (software)
RIP Rock Im Park (rock festival in Germany)
RIP Receptor-Interacting Protein (cell apoptosis)
RIP Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (pulmonary ventilation)
RIP Regulation of Investigatory Powers (commerce regulations, UK)
RIP Réseaux d’Initiative Publique (French: Public Initiative Network)
RIP Remove Invasive Plants (Arlington, VA)
RIP Real Imaging Processor
RIP Routing Information Packet
RIP Router Information Protocol
RIP Recover Is Possible
RIP Raster Image Processor
RIP Remote Image Protocol
RIP Reconnu d’Intérêt Pédagogique (French: Recognized Educational Interest; trademark of Ministry of National Education)
RIP Run In Place (aerobics/exercise)
RIP Ribosome-Inactivating Protein
RIP Relief In Place
RIP Rock in Peace (song title)
RIP Ruimte Innemend Proces (Dutch: Space Engaging Process)
RIP Rot in Pieces (band)
RIP Really Inspirational People
RIP Road Improvement Project (Bangladesh)
RIP Ranger Indoctrination Program
RIP Running Intersection Property (junction trees)
RIP Resin-In-Pulp
RIP Reach Implementation Project
RIP Really Into Partying
RIP Regular Investment Plan (various locations)
RIP Retirement Income Plan (finance)
RIP Repair In Place
RIP Residential Investment Property
RIP Riposi in Pace (Italian: Rest in Peace)
RIP Return If Possible
RIP Refractive Index Profile
RIP Ripped in Pieces (band)                                                                                                                                                                                  RIP Rest in Peace(Used for Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook)
RIP Remedies In Place
RIP Rehabilitation and Inspection Program (USACE)
RIP Read in Private
RIP Releve d’Identite Postale (French: statement of postal identity)
RIP Reduction in Personnel
RIP Retired In Place 🙂
RIP Research Investigation Process (Analysis of Variance Science Education)
RIP Report on Individual Personnel (USAF)
RIP RCRA Implementation Plan
RIP Readiness Improvement Program
RIP Reactor Internal Pump (power plant)
RIP Reliability Improvement Program
RIP Rest In Proportion
RIP Return Instruction Pointer
RIP Raster Image Processor/Processing
RIP Routing Interchange Protocol
RIP Reduction Implementation Panel (US DoD)
RIP Raw in Process Inventory
RIP Raw In-Process
RIP Rapid Isothermal Processing
RIP Reparable Issue Point
RIP Request in Process
RIP Rapid Install Package (Altiris)
RIP Rise If Possible
RIP Régime Interprofessionnel de Prévoyance (French: Interprofessional Retirement Plan)
RIP Register of Intelligence Publications
RIP Radar Improvement Plan
RIP Reflex Inhibiting Posture
RIP Received Isotropic Power
RIP Recoverable Item Program
RIP Remote Indicator Panel
RIP Remaining in Period
RIP Rolling Injection Planter
RIP Reconnaissance Information Point
RIP Requirements Integration Panel
RIP Rapid Installation Plan/Phase
RIP Regulated Intramembrane Proteolyns
RIP Rapidly Induced Phosphatase
RIP Repair, Inspect, Paint (railroad)
RIP Rate Image Processor
RIP Rough In Point

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