SEC Securities & Exchange Commission (US government)
SEC Second (Used for Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook)
SEC Secretary
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission (authority in the Philippines)
SEC Section
SEC Space Environment Center (NOAA)
SEC Security
SEC Secondary
SEC Southeastern Conference
SEC Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
SEC Sun-Earth Connection (NASA)
SEC Software Engineering Center
SEC Size Exclusion Chromatography
SEC Specific Energy Consumption (energy efficiency)
SEC Seiko Epson Corporation (Japanese electronics company)
SEC Social and Economic Council (various locations)
SEC Software Engineering Conference (various locations)
SEC Secant (trigonometry)
SEC State Ethics Commission (various locations)
SEC Scottish Episcopal Church (UK)
SEC Saudi Electricity Company
SEC Special Education Committee
SEC Scientific and Engineering Computing
SEC Sharp Electronics Corporation (Mahwah, NJ)
SEC Standards and Ethics Committee (various organizations)
SEC Semiconductor Equipment Corporation (Moorpark, CA)
SEC Sydney Entertainment Centre (Sydney, Australia)
SEC Special Exposure Cohort
SEC Siemens Enterprise Communications (Siemens AG; Germany)
SEC South East Corner
SEC Secondary Containment
SEC Software Engineering Company
SEC Spiritual Enrichment Center (Bainbridge Island, WA)
SEC Student Employment Center (various schools)
SEC Socio-Economic Classification
SEC Spontaneous Echo Contrast (cardiology)
SEC Student Evaluation of Courses
SEC Student Executive Council (various schools)
SEC Student Education Center (various schools)
SEC Socio-Economic Category
SEC Shore Erosion Control
SEC Supreme Economic Council (Saudi Arabia)
SEC Southside Electric Cooperative (Virginia)
SEC Search Engine College (Australia)
SEC Sbus Ethernet Controller
SEC Suppress Error Correction
SEC Singlebit Error Correction
SEC Set Carry
SEC Single Edge Contact
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC Sequence End Code
SEC Secured Animation File
SEC Security Evaluation Criteria
SEC Scalable Enterprise Computing
SEC Secaucus, New Jersey (New Jersey transit)
SEC Shanghai Exhibition Center (China)
SEC Special Events Committee (various organizations)
SEC Standard Equipment Company (various companies)
SEC Singapore Environment Council
SEC Student Engineers’ Council (various schools)
SEC Samsung Electronics Corporation
SEC Secretaría de Educación y Cultura (México)
SEC South Equatorial Current
SEC Single Edge Contact (Intel)
SEC Standard Entry Class
SEC Sustainable Energy Coalition (Takoma Park, MD)
SEC Set Carry (6502 processor instruction)
SEC Secretary’s Department (International Monetary Fund)
SEC Sarkeys Energy Center (University of Oklahoma)
SEC Secure Electronic Commerce
SEC Student Executive Committee (various schools)
SEC Section Executive Committee
SEC Southeastern College (Pasay City, Philippines)
SEC Southeastern College
SEC Sports and Entertainment Commission (various locations)
SEC Single Error Correction
SEC Saudi Electric Company
SEC Sapporo Electronics and Industries Cultivation Foundation (Sapporo, Japan)
SEC Software Enabled Control
SEC Sonoma Ecology Center
SEC State Elections Commission (Puerto Rican government agency)
SEC Secondary Average (baseball statistic; determines how far on the bases a runner gets)
SEC Special Education Consultant
SEC Sociedad Española de Contracepción (Spanish: Spanish Society for Contraception)
SEC Spoken English Corpus
SEC Secans (trigonometry)
SEC Student Environment Centre (Canada)
SEC Summer English Camp
SEC State Engineering Corporation (Pakistan government)
SEC Staphylococcal Enterotoxin C
SEC Senior Executive Council (US DoD)
SEC SDH Equipment Clock
SEC Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.
SEC Series Elastic Component (anatomy)
SEC Sustainable Energy Communities
SEC Specialist Engineering Contractors Group
SEC Single Edge Cartridge
SEC Spiritual Enrichment Conference (Heritage Christian University)
SEC Société des Employés de Commerce (French: Society of Commercial Employees; Switzerland)
SEC Society for Economic Botany
SEC Société d’Entomologie du Canada
SEC Social Economy Centre
SEC Special Education Consortium
SEC Secondary Electron Conduction
SEC Sapporo Electronics Center (Japan)
SEC Sistema Europeo di Conti
SEC Source Evaluation Committee
SEC Scalable Enterprise Computing (Dell)
SEC Software Evaluation Criteria (informatics, avionics)
SEC Spoiler Elevator Computer (Airbus)
SEC Spatial Error Concealment
SEC Submarine Element Coordinator
SEC Shanghai Education Commission
SEC Salvo Errore Calculi (Latin: after extensive calculations)
SEC Support Equipment Change
SEC Scientific Ethics Committee (UNESCO)
SEC Synchronous Equipment Clock
SEC Shelf Edge Current
SEC Switching Equipment Congestion signal (CCS #7/ITU-T)
SEC Scientific Estimates Committee
SEC Scintillator Electromagnetic Calorimeter
SEC Supreme Eiye Confraternity
SEC Subject Electoral Commission (Russian Federation)
SEC Southern Episcopal Church
SEC Shanghai Economic Commission
SEC School Energy Coalition (Canada)
SEC Service Evaluation Center
SEC SONET/SDH Equipment Clock
SEC Self Evident Correction
SEC Société d’Études Camerounaises (French)
SEC Sydney Education Centre (Australia)
SEC Special Support Equipment Change
SEC Systems Engineering Council
SEC Strategic Excellence Projects
SEC Service Etrangers et Confédérés (French: Foreign and Confederate Service; Switzerland)
SEC Sequential Events Controller (US NASA)
SEC Spinal Extremity Correction (treatment)
SEC Sun Energy Corporation (El Salvador)
SEC Single End Cane (physical therapy)

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