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‘SPGRS’– Full Form

‘SPGRS’- Standardized Public Grievances Redressal System

‘SPGRS’- Standardized Public Grievance Redressal System

What is Standardized Public Grievances Redressal System or Standardized Public Grievance Redressal System (SPGRS)?

Standardized Public Grievances Redressal System is a banking services.  It effectively deal with banking complaints within the bank.

Any individual, whether a customer of that particular bank or not, can lodge grievances against a
bank using the SPGRS. Under this system, bank websites will have an ‘SPGRS’ icon leading to an
online form where grievances can be filed. Physical complaints received through complaint registers
at branches are to be entered into the SPGRS immediately.

Nationalised banks in India are introducing a place as Standardized Public Grievances Redressal System (SPGRS) with the guidelines from the ministry of finance.  It allows bank customers and others to file complaints online.  They get an automatic tracking mechanism and escalation capability.

SPGRS Purpose

The purpose of such a system is to bring in uniform customer eccentricity in the provision of banking services and to effectively deal with such matters within the bank.

Which Banks have started SPGRS?

Bank of Baroda and Indian Bank are the first to implement this system.

What are the Benefits or advantages of the SPGRS?

The benefits of the SPGRS are

  1.  It allows the real time lodging of complaints.
  2. Any branch, regional, zonal or head office can register grievances on behalf of complainants and can
    view the status simultaneously.
  3. Any complaint is automatically acknowledged by e-mail
  4. Its status can be tracked online and it is automatically escalated to the next level if it is not addressed within
    the specified time period.
  5. SPGRS can be used for qualitative analysis by regional heads for rendering better customer services.

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