WD Western Digital
WD Width
WD Word
WD Walt Disney
WD Washer & Dryer
WD Western Digital (storge solutions)
WD Working Draft
WD Wheel Drive
WD Wood
WD Western Economic Diversification Canada (Canada)
WD Web Design
WD War Diary
WD White Dwarf
WD Well Done(Used for Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facebook)
WD Withdrawn
WD Watford (UK postal Code)
WD Web Developement
WD Wind Direction
WD Wiring Diagram
WD Write Down
WD Water Displacement
WD Waste Disposal
WD Web Directory
WD War Department
WD Wheeler Dealers
WD Working Day
WD Winn Dixie (grocery store chain)
WD Well-Dressed
WD Without Doubt
WD Wound Debridement
WD Watch Dog
WD Water Depth
WD Western Division
WD Warranty Deed
WD Wilson Disease
WD Working Dog
WD Watership Down (novel)
WD Webster’s Dictionary
WD Water Division
WD Water Deficit (agriculture)
WD Woody Debris
WD Whirling Disease (Rainbow Trout disease)
WD Wide Differential (SCSI)
WD Weibull Distribution
WD When Discovered (Nalcomis)
WD Weapons Director
WD Weapon Data
WD Wet Dock (DD3)
WD Wrist-Disarticulation (amputation)
WD Wireless Directive (US DoD)
WD Westminster Dragoons (UK Territorial Army)
WD Wafer Defect(s)
WD Word Displacement
WD Weak Dipole
WD World Devastator (Star Wars)
WD Warm Dielectric (high temperature superconducting cables)
WD Western Economic Development Canada
WD Wet/Dry Index
WD WDS Processing (Tartar Module)
WD Word Disparity
WD World Domination Recordings (Capitol Records)
WD Weekend Dykes

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