What is ‘SWS’ Full Form? FullFullForm

SWS– Full form

SWS Full Form in Medical

SWS – Slow Wave Sleep

SWS – Sturge Weber syndrome

SWS – Sturge-Weber Syndrome

What is the full form of SWS in Indian Railway Station?


What is the full form of SWS in Space Science?

SWS – SWitch Scan

What is the full form of SWS in Airport Code?

SWS – Swansea, Wales

What is the full form of SWS in Sports?

SWS – Star Wars Simulation (Computer Gaming)
SWS – Side Wall Stun

SWS – Solico Winter Sport

SWS – Super World of Sports (wrestling circuit; Japan)

What is the full form of SWS in Military and Defence?

SWS – Strategic Weapon System
SWS – Smart Weapon System

SWS – Sniper Weapon System

What is the full form of SWS in NYSE Symbols?

SWS – Southwest Securities Group, Inc.

What is the full form of SWS in AirForce (Governmental)?

SWS – Space Warning Squadron

What is the full form of SWS in Internet?

SWS – Scarf Web Site

What is the full form of SWS in Community?

SWS – Sir William Street

What is the full form of Society?

SWS – Sunuwar Welfare Society

SWS – Southwestern Watercolor Society

SWS – Sociologists for Women in Society (Kingston, RI)

What is the Full Form of SWS in Funny way?

SWS – Star Wars Sisters

SWS in Professional Organizations?

SWS – Society of Wetland Scientists

SWS in Companies and Firms (Business)?

SWS – Sonic World Studios

SWS – South West Spain

What is the full form of SWS in Schools?

SWS – School Within A School

What is the full form of SWS in NASA?

SWS – SWitch Scan

What is the full form of SWS in Stock Market?

SWS – Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Income Fund

What is the Full Form of SWS in Music?

SWS – Sleeping With Sirens

What is the Full Form of SWS in Manufacturing?

SWS – Structures WorkStation

What is the Full Form of SWS in Language & Literature?

SWS – Supplemental Writing Skills

What is the Full Form of SWS in Computers?

SWS –  SoftWare Services

SWS – Star Wars Simulation (Computer Game)

SWS Social Welfare Surcharge

sWs is the Acronym for Shit, Wank, Shower.

An acronym for “Smut With Substance”.
A category of fanfiction. SWS is used to indicate a story containing pornography, but which also includes a plot.
This is the opposite of PWP, which is Porn Without Plot.

SWS said with sarcasm
I am thrilled (SWS)

SWS Sleeping with Sirens

SWS Suspected white supremacist
That SWS called the police because that Black man was buying a candy bar.

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Acronym Definition
SWS Sleeping with Sirens (band)
SWS Slow Wave Sleep
SWS Skyward Sword (Legend of Zelda)
SWS Shear Wave Splitting
SWS Sociologists for Women in Society (Kingston, RI)
SWS Safety Warning System
SWS Sturge-Weber Syndrome (birthmark)
SWS Stan Winston Studio (film)
SWS Short Wavelength Spectrometer
SWS Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (Japan)
SWS Symantec Web Security
SWS Smart Widgets File
SWS Sonet Wan Switch
SWS Sun Workshop
SWS Simple Web Server
SWS Semantic Web Services
SWS Single Wire System
SWS Switch Workstation
SWS Subwoofer System
SWS Switched Signaling
SWS Software Support
SWS Secure Website
SWS Southern Wine and Spirits (Florida)
SWS Stadtwerke Speyer GmbH (Germany)
SWS State Weather Summary
SWS Sniper Weapon System (US Army)
SWS Sustainable West Seattle (forum)
SWS Social Weather Station
SWS Silly Window Syndrome (RFC 813)
SWS Social Work Services (US Army)
SWS Student Web Service
SWS School of World Studies (Virginia Commonwealth University)
SWS Safe Water System
SWS Secure Work Space (software)
SWS Seann William Scott (actor)
SWS Social Work Society
SWS Summer Works Scheme (Ireland)
SWS Sentient World Simulation
SWS Sour Water Stripper (petrochemical)
SWS Scottish Water Solutions (UK)
SWS Salt Water Sportsman (magazine)
SWS Strategic Weapons System
SWS Southern Watercolor Society (Dallas, TX)
SWS Software Specification
SWS Severe Weather Statement
SWS Sun Web Server
SWS Stuve-Wiedemann Syndrome
SWS Slow Wave Structure
SWS Southern Women’s Show
SWS Special Workplace Statistics (UK)
SWS Solid Waste Section
SWS Sex without Strings
SWS Scientific Workstation
SWS Sacramento Waldorf School (Fair Oaks, CA)
SWS Service Water System
SWS Soil and Water Sciences
SWS Supplemental Work Support (New Jersey)
SWS Search Web Service
SWS Semantic Web School
SWS Smokin’ with Superman (band)
SWS Saturn Workshop
SWS Standard Workstation
SWS South Waziristan Scouts (Pakistan)
SWS Sour Water System
SWS Sliding-Window System
SWS Sub-Woofer System
SWS Security Web Service
SWS Salt Water System
SWS Sun Water Systems, Inc (Fort Worth, TX)
SWS Sneaky Weasel Studios (website)
SWS Single Wound Sheet (plastics industry)
SWS SONET WAN Switch (Cisco)
SWS Submarine Warfare System
SWS Strategic Warning Staff
SWS Small Window Syndrome (wireless communications)
SWS Solar Wind Scintillation
SWS Sour Water Service
SWS Sliding Window Switch
SWS Surface Warfare Supervisor (US Navy)
SWS Submarine Weapons System
SWS Saltwater Sailing
SWS Surface-Wave Suppression
SWS Standard Work Second
SWS Smart Workstation
SWS Special Weapons System
SWS Society for Wilderness Stewardship
SWS Strafford Wind Symphony (Rochester, NH)
SWS Stormwind Stockades (gaming, World of Warcraft)

Safety Warning System

Miscellaneous » Manufacturing

Society of Wetland Scientists

Business » Professional Organizations

Southwest Securities Group, Incorporated

Business » NYSE Symbols

Sniper Weapon System

Governmental » Military

Swansea, Wales

Regional » Airport Codes

School Within a School

Community » Schools

Social Welfare Services

Governmental » Civic & Municipal

Internet » Websites

Southwestern Watercolor Society

Academic & Science » Societies

Sunuwar Welfare Society

Community » Non-Profit Organizations

Side Wall Stun

Sports » Hockey

Sonic World Studios

Business » Companies & Firms

Smart Weapon System

Governmental » Military

Star Wars Sisters

Miscellaneous » Funnies

Saucers With Stealth

Miscellaneous » Science Fiction

Sir William Street


Speed With Style

Sports » Riding

Sells Wooden Shoes

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

Settle With Shadows

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

South West Spain

Business » Companies & Firms

Sleeping With Sirens

Community » Music

Seconds Welcome To Stepweb

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

Slow Wave Sleep

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

What does SWS Stands For?
Safety Warning System

SWS – Seconds Welcome To Stepweb

Sells Wooden Shoes

SWS – Saucers With Stealth

SWS – Settle With Shadows

Speed With Style
>> Unclassified

Social Welfare Services
>> Unclassified

Sniper Weapons System
>> Unclassified

Simple Web Spitter
>> Unclassified

Solid Waste Services
>> Unclassified

Standard Work Specifications
>> Unclassified

Southern Waste Systems
>> Unclassified

Student Writing Support
>> Students

Static Water Supply
>> Unclassified

SOAP web service
>> Unclassified

Secure Web Server
>> Unclassified

Southern Wine and Spirits
>> Unclassified

Sir William St
>> Unclassified

Slow Wave Sleep
>> Unclassified

Snider with Snider
>> Unclassified

Smart Woman Securities
>> Unclassified

Sustainable Waste Solutions
>> Unclassified

Schlumberger Water Services
>> Unclassified

Solid Wood Series
>> Unclassified

Standing Water Studios
>> Unclassified

Sapphire wall screens
>> Unclassified


Super Weevil Secrets
>> Unclassified

Student Web Server
>> Unclassified

Sociologists for
>> Unclassified


Suburban Waste Services
>> Unclassified

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