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We earlier made a post in which we told that we can make your names full form and the page was flooded with responses.

Now we are back we a full form

And this is post is for all Swatis

Full Form Of SWATI-

S- Sarcastic

W- Wanderlust

A- Adventurous

T- Thrilling

I- Imagineer

Meanings Of All words

Sarcastic Means an adjective used to describe someone who uses sarcastic remarks in order to make humorous or pointed comments.

Wanderlust means strong desire for exploration and adventure.

Adventurous means willing to take risks; full of boldness and energy.

Thrilling means something that is exciting and stimulating.

Imagineer means a creative problem solver who can think outside the box.


Thankyou To Ms. Swati Who Provided Such A Beautiful Name


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