Today is a friend ship day !

True friendship is a way of being mutually lovable to each other! In fact every flourishing relationship has a whiff friendship into it. It’s that transparent and lucid bond between two people where both of the participants are able to share every subtle thing cooking inside the mind even if it is not worth it. And in that way it’s indeed important to maintain true friendship in any relationship.  Friendship is the thing which is price less…….

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Full form of friend is   F For – FABULOUS

                                       R For – REAL

                                       I  For – IMPECCABLE

                                       E  For – EVERLASTING

                                       N For – NECESSARY

                                        D For – DELECTABLE

                                         S For – SPICY

Meaning Of Friend – A true friend is there. When she isn’t near. Can feel all your fear. Knows when you’re in your lowest time of need without saying a word just knows it. Not afraid to help when you can’t do it at all. Give a hand without wanting a thing. Understanding you at your weirdest and never asking why. To believe in you no matter when you don’t. Knowing that you’ll do the right thing when you’re in the wrong. Make a stand with you not matter what cost is. To find the good in you when everyone said the bad. Not ashamed of you. No matter where you go you just know you’re OK even facing danger. To say I love you and mean it. Never leave your side…………………..

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Happy Friendship Day

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  1. But there is a 4 more full forms of FRIENDS


  3. Few relation in earth never die

  4. एक परिवार मे जैसे एक पत्नी का पति से,एक भाई का बहन से,एक गुरु का छात्र से,लेकिन ऐसा ही सबसे अलग ही सबंध होता है|

  5. Madhvi Rani Kansal

    You are right

  6. I love my friend

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